116- Calmness in agitation: the heart dharma

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116- Calmness in agitation:  the heart dharma

April 20, 2002


To be able to help people, I should understand them first. Before I can understand people, I should understand myself. How can I understand myself?

To understand myself, I should have contact with people and see their reactions, and I will understand my reactions.

Briefly, people are like a motive that helps me to understand myself, and vice versa.

Is there any other way of spiritual practice than learning from people?

Spiritual practice needs the environment to develop the ego. Ego cannot fully develop without the reactions and contacts with mankind and nature, and I learn the most in mankind, as they are like me. They are my reflection. Devoid of people, I would be cut off from myself, since I cannot look at myself without them.

In each person, I can learn an aspect of myself, through the roles I divide my ego to learn. I look more deeply into other individuals around me to better understand my own ego. Each person has the depth of comprehension, knowledge, the secret of a special spiritual life, a special world. Knowing this special world of each person, I can enrich my knowledge about my personal world.


In me there are Three Great Worlds with immense and mysterious secrets that I need to discover to gradually reach the extremities of the Knowing. There also has the corporeal nature that I receive through my physical eyes, and the incorporeal nature that I need to be in contact and perceive through the sharp perception and the illuminated spiritual mind, and the well-balanced act of the heart. I cannot recognize with a dead heart, but with a super sensitive heart and in the absorptive state of the inconceivable wakefulness. The heart agitates but non-agitates, it only transfers the Knowing through the current of energy to the sense organs, and the perceptions will be registered in the brain. This is the fastidious mechanism of the HEART DHARMA.

Wherever the Heart Dharma opens, creativity develops, and the Heart Dharma is a practice that can improve spirituality interminably. It changes spontaneously and transforms ad infinitum. Seeing is as empty but full, seeing is as existing but non-existing, seeing as high but low, seeing as low but high. It is immeasurable.

The Heart Dharma is inapplicable if we cannot attain the level of absorption in the state of agitation. Furthermore, absorption and agitation should happen simultaneously to implement the Heart Dharma. This is the concurrent practice of the Way in life. Life itself is inevitably agitated, and the Way is essentially absorptive. The concurrent practice of the Way in life cannot apply if we are not able to maintain calmness in agitation and agitation in calmness.

Calmness and agitation activate in the unchangeable of the universe, and the universe is in the state of calmness in agitation and agitation in calmness, just like us, the micro universes.

We are at the same time agitated and calm, yin and yang. We transform, and from there we are reborn, create, as we do not die, do not stay in one place.

Along with our practice and advancement, our current of energy runs faster, and our wakefulness may catch up to the speed of light, we may be able to synchronize with the great translucent light, and come back to integrate into the center of the macro cosmos.

The current of energy is faster, the inner force is stronger, the mind aptitude is deeper, Knowledge is broader, and Wisdom is more expanded. We can look, see, listen, hear more clearly, since we do not hear with the ears, see with the eyes, but know, look, see, listen, and hear by the current of energy. We will know the movement of the surrounding people and world, in the present and also in the future, as we recognize it through a current of energy is as fast as the light.

The current of energy knows the past, the present, and the future.

Does knowledge of the past and the future benefit us?

Knowing the past will help us to discern our itinerary, and the purpose of our presence here, and our tasks to accomplish.

Knowing the future will help us to recognize what to do at the present time, which may benefit the Way, the nation and people, and world peace.

Knowing will help us maintain stability of the mind and go forward.

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