110- Knowledge: fearlessness

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110- Knowledge: fearlessness

April 13, 2002


How can we avoid impediment, failure, impasse in the implementation of the Way?

How can we deal with the loving ones or those who hate us, with friends or foes?

How can we transform those who hate us to be the loving ones, foes to friends?

Should we act without differentiation?

What does it mean by acting without differentiation?

This means to act with non-prejudice, emptiness of the mind, and peace, in the state of neither defensive nor aggressive, and treat the loving ones the same as those who hate us.

We do not set ourselves to be antagonistic, and rival in our writings, talks, and actions, but always moderate.

Be constantly calm and lucid.

How can we reach the state of being constantly calm and lucid?

The mind should be complacent; the body should be balanced, so that we would have sharp perception. We should know thoroughly all the trails and tracks of six awareness, six senses, and six sense-objects. This means, we always keep “thorough knowledge” about our sense organs when they are affected or unaffected by six senses, six sense-objects. Thus, we can make decisions about what we need to do or not in any condition or situation.

The sharper we are, the better we take control of our actions. All actions will be achieved through wisdom. Enlightenment only comes when we take control of both internal and external conditions.

With a sharp mind, we can understand ourselves and others. However, only with profound wisdom, can we make good decisions about what we need to do or not in each circumstance, to avoid an impasse.

To succeed in religious practices, we have to conquer all fears, fear of others, and fear of ourselves.

If we know well the work we do, we will never fail, face dilemma, or dead-end. Only the unknown may lead us to unexpected fear. In any case, people have fear because they lack of self-control, control of the surroundings, and let six senses, six sense-objects affect them. They are not in the position of self-control, but six senses, six sense-objects control them, from every thought to action.

When we have self-control, our conscious mind is lucid, and we can control both internal and external conditions, and do not allow internal conditions to arise suddenly under the impulse of six senses, six sense-objects, and cause irrepressible acts.

Wisdom is merely self-training thoroughly and truthfully. As we know ourselves thoroughly, we will know others. We only misunderstand others when we deceive ourselves.

When we have control of ourselves, and understand others, we will naturally know what we should do in any situation without hindrance. Thus, we will decide to talk, act, and perform correctly and accordingly with time and space.

Fear, in any case, will make us obscure, distracted, unable to control over six senses, six sense-objects. We will feel unsafe, and may let six senses, six sense-objects to interfere with our decisions, or let the internal conditions decide, since our conscious mind does not take control and our wisdom is veiled. This is the consequence of the lack of calmness.


The most difficult level for religious practitioners is the emptiness of mind. Without reaching the level of the emptiness of mind, we can never take control of ALL OUR ACTIONS and OTHERS' .

Those who serve the religious Way should attain the Prajnã Wisdom, Emptiness, and Fearlessness, to accomplish their mission of salvation.

The emptiness of mind, the prajnã wisdom will liberate us every time that we confront difficulties in life. The prajnã wisdom will help us not to react to adversity. The prajnã wisdom will be favorable even in adversity.


The prajnã wisdom will not be in an impasse in any situation, and will help us to behave ourselves naturally without fear. Only fear may lead us to an impasse created by our own internal conditions, for us and others.


The prajnã wisdom will help us with sharpness. We will see, hear, and listen to know, to identify, then let it go away without holding back by fear, selfishness, or HUMAN CHARACTER, with six senses, six sense-objects.


In the state of Prajnã Wisdom, this seeing and knowing are only recognized by six senses and gone by, without passing through the six sense-objects to have an impact on us.


We have to keep the emptiness of mind to be constantly a NEW PERSON in every minute; our mind is unaffected by any internal or external conditions that six senses registered and stored; and our actions are bound by prejudice of the past.


In order to help the people and life, we should be those of the future, not those from the past. Those we meet on our Way have the duties that were linked by previous existences, to come help us in our common tasks.

Once realizing the need to cooperate for the common tasks, we have to go ahead without fear.

We absolutely have to eliminate FEAR, the common enemy of all of those with a mission.


The Prophet knew in advance that he would be harmed, but he kept advancing on his path, to be a clear example for the next generations in general, and especially for his followers. This is a courageous deed, but we need to follow his example with wisdom, because of each phase is different.

In all events, the word FEAR can only bring failure. With a more stable mind, we will take control of the soul, spirit, sentiments and body. We will also take control of the situation with wisdom, under any circumstances. Eventually, we will be able to stay in the state of Homogeneity of All Beings. We will have the ability to HARMONIZE with others, to love everyone like ourselves. We will no longer make the difference with others to realize that there is only one unique mind and heart in humanity.


In the state of Homogeneity of All Beings, we will dissolve into the universe, with all human beings and nature. We will not remain either being or non-being, but an element of the universal source of energy. Love for humanity and nature will become an endless source of enerygy, since everything is ONENESS.


When we recognize that mankind, things, and the universe are ONENESS, fear will disappear, since there is no difference between others and us. We will stay in the state of indivisibility, and will act naturally.


Fear only exists when we DO NOT KNOW.
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