108- Six supernatural powers

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108- Six supernatural powers

December 29, 1998


All phenomena, spiritual or material, form or non-form, image of non-image, being or non-being, stay within the law of nature under the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The human body and mind also belong to this natural order. Those who are full do not crave for food; those who have just drunk do not feel thirsty. Those who are happy do not yearn for happiness. Those who follow the Way do not long for religious practice; and The Buddha does not desire to become Buddha.

Therefore, is there anyone who is already delivered but still desires for deliverance?

Does the desire only exist in case it is “unattained,” “unrealized”?

Only the deaf desires to hear; the blind desires to see; the mute desires to talk.

The spiritual practice process is a full repetition from being to non-being, then from non-being to being, from existence to non-existence, then from non-existence to existence.


Because of the uninterrupted evolution of the universe, and human beings should learn how to synchronize their evolution with the universe so that they will not fall out of the swiveling cycle of providence. Providence is the coming events. Without evolution, mankind will step backward, or take the opposite direction, and be lost.

This is why a task that is up-to-date at this time, maybe out-of-date at another time. Ignorant human beings do not open their mind to receive the illuminating energy that gathers all the currents of thoughts in the world, from super human beings with enlightened wisdom, with open eyes and open-minded to recognize the right way to lead mankind.

The bibles are knowledge; the indestructible truth of eternality, however, such truth should be applied in a flexible way to the environments and the evolving and changing universe, as the evolution and development of human spirituality.

To develop and expand the truth at the right time and right place, religious practitioners should possess merit and wisdom. Merit and wisdom are necessary for the ability to create. Those who hold the truth but do not have wisdom to develop and create, such truth may turn to be the “utopian truth,” which can only be admired, contemplated, worshipped, but cannot help human beings to realize the Way.

The awakeners of the Way are at the level of having but non-having, knowing but non-knowing, do not debate the Way, do not talk about the Way, since they still debate and talk about the Way, they are still submerged in samsara, without a way out. They are still bound by religious words, and discipline.

The Way is neither words, nor discipline. Discipline is for the learners, not the awakeners and knowers of the Way; in the same fashion as the roadmap is only for those who do not know the way.

The awakeners can see without eyes, can hear without ears, can speak with no need for words, since they communicate and exchange with each other through the enlightened minds and six supernatural powers.

Those with six supernatural powers know thoroughly self-discipline, but do not need discipline, in the same way as those who know the roads, do not need a roadmap but still take the right way.

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