103- Emptiness

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103- Emptiness

April 15, 1998


Note: “The Emptiness” was written during the period that the author recited The Sũtra of Innumerable Meanings, the Introduction of The Lotus Sũtra, and The Sũtra of Meditation on the Bodhisattva Universal Virtue; and read “On Voidness, A Study on Buddhist Nihilism”, translated by two professors Fernando Tola and Carmen Dragonetti from the Sanskrit and Tibetan texts.

The book “On Voidness” consists of three texts written by the Bodhisattva Nãgarjuna, which are: the 60 Stanzas of Reasoning (Yuktisastikakarika of Nãgarjuna and Voidness), the 70 Stanzas on Voidness (The Sunyatasaptatikarika of Nãgarjuna) and the Hymn to Him Who Has Gone Beyond The World (The Catustava of Nãgarjuna). The fourth text is the Hair In the Hand (The Hastavalanamaprakarana of Aryadeva and Voidness) written by Aryadeva, the eminent disciple of Nãgarjuna.


The author was fortunate acquire this precious sũtra after having the consecrated chance to contemplate the Buddha's Relics in Pagoda Thich Lan next to the Deer Park Mrgadava in the city of Vãrãnasi (Benares), during a pilgrimage to visit Buddhist famous historical sites in India, with the Buddhist delegation led by Venerable Thich Minh Tam and Thich Vien Ly in November 1997.




The state of no joy, no anger, no love, no hate, no desire, even the desire to become Buddha or realizing of the Way, is indeed the attainment of Emptiness. This is the state of purification of all human character to advance to the level of receiving the new capability, which is the capability of CREATIVITY.

The capability of CREATIVITY is the innate capability, which had existed in thousands of previous existences, but in this life we might forget it, because of the mundane cleverness - or human character - that overshadows the INSIGHT. The INSIGHT is the supernatural brain of a human being, however, this human being needs spiritual practice to go beyond the human character to return to EMPTINESS.

Once having attained EMPTINESS, human beings can open the gate to extricate the human TRANSCENDENTAL Treasure.


Due to their ignorance, human beings repeatedly come back, even if they have had religious practice, and because of their selfishness, they cannot escape joy, anger, love, hate, and the invisible curtain that covers their insight. Therefore, the path is right in front of them, but they cannot step in, and just roam around, then take the old wrong path leading to karmic effects. This is so pitiful. Even though they recite the sũtras and invocate The Buddha, this is only as a light in the wind, flickering, and about to be extinguished. To have a bright light, the religious practitioner should have a strong will power and sacrifice, in order to eliminate selfishness and arrogance for his own salvation out of the samsãric cycle of death and rebirth.


Creativity, what does creativity mean? Does it mean openess, evolution, future prediction? Does creativity also stay within the samsãric cycle of death and rebirth?

Creativity might be new only for us, not for the cosmos, since everything exists in the universe. We are in the samsãric cycle of death and rebirth, the cosmos is not in the samsãric cycle of death and rebirth. As we have just known it, then call it “creativity,” because we can uncover the dark cloud of human character to see some sun rays, and recognize a bit of the mysterious capability of mankind, or the Power of God inside us.


The Power of God is supreme. This is the Almighty, this is the Power of all capabilities - this is not creativity, but the inestimable metamorphosis, which human beings, upon their tasks, missions, and origins, might receive the appropriate source of energy to allow them to do their work for the Great Way.

Those with a mission are in some ways one of the divine messengers, with no personal tasks, but as part of the collective whole. Therefore, with the demands in each phase, they will cooperate in the tasks, meet together and assist each other in their work as part of the evolution. The orderly process in each phase shall be arranged under the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, circulate and move without distinction of male or female, religion, or human race.


The evolution of mankind should operate collectively. To ensure eternity and avoid extinction, the destruction of the earth, mankind should earnestly devote and work in the thinking process, through computerization, so that the speed of telecommunication will be as fast as possible, to detect and prevent the risk of human extinction, by the forces of devil that are increasing their activities. If communication and the spreading of faith are behind, thus the forces of devil will invade the whole planet earth.

The recent cases of young children who cold-bloodedly kill people with guns are an illustrated example .

Those with a mission, have purified their human mind and character, will step into the world-computerized system. This is the right way for the propagation of spiritual righteous thoughts, which can incorporate all the minds with the same mission and channel them into the new era - the era of the 21st century. Mankind will avoid the risk of extinction, as they can work fast and effectively to block the dreadful surge of the atheist devil.


Namo the Western Blissful Paradise

The Absolute Loving-Kindness and Compassion

Amitãbha Buddha

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