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What is the Prajnã Wisdom?

What is the Wisdom of emptiness?

What is the Prajnã? What is emptiness?

Does the Prajnã Wisdom rely on the thinking?

While thinking, do we have Prajnã?


Having emptiness does not have thinking, as thinking relies on contemplating, based on the past, consists of prejudices, facts, with time and space in the development process.


The prajnã wisdom stays in the purity of the present time. The present time is the momentary existence of creativity. During the period of creativity, the natural initiation links with the evolution process, without the influence of all human laws.

All creations and products of art and knowledge develop freely, without the suppression of human laws.

When you look at an artistic or religious creation, but it still depends on reason, constraint, or fear, this means you are not yet delivered.

To have true creativity, all creations should be generated from the emptiness of Prajnãpãramitã. Pãramitã is the source of universal center, which is not created by human beings, but initiated by the Divinities. This is the Center of the Macro Cosmos, where the human beings are unable to reach. This is the Source of all Principles of the Arising Conditions. Without it, everything would be stagnant, and all life forces, creativities, evolutions will cease and fall into destruction. This is the Extinction, as all life forces would be cut off as the light goes out.

Human beings who want to survive, to receive the life force, to progress, need to wake up. They should stop being blind, manipulated by greed, hate, delusion, joy, anger, love, and hatred; this means, they should wake up and get out of the control and influence of six senses, six sense-objects that cover up their illuminated mind, their purity source of creativity. The capability of receiving this endless source of life is for the evolution, to maintain the continuity of the universe, to avoid the extinction of the cosmos.


Today's world is an obscure world without realizing that it is like a light which is about fade. Greedy and selfish human beings are being infatuated by material pleasures, pursuing relentlessly fame and richness. The impediment is already perceived in the three heavenly worlds, which always protect the survival of the universe, prevent the extinction of humankind.


Why such impediment exists today?

It is due to greed and selfishness.


Divinities have descended to the earth to found the religions and provide an illuminated way to help humankind to continue receiving the never-ending source of energy from the macro cosmos. However, representatives of the religions and of divinities did not rightly execute their duties and roles. For that reason, divinities are coming back to this earth in the ordinary roles amidst the societies, to sound the everlasting bells to wake up humankind, to wake up those who wear religious clothes but do not fulfill their duties accordingly. Instead of accomplishing religious practice to attain wisdom, they are enticed by material things and money, by ambition for high positions and great power, for good food and high respect by the followers, consequently, they are caught in obscurity of ignorance.
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