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March 2, 1993


Mathematical and physical teachings come from experiments, whether of the teachers or the scientists or external experiences, but spiritual teachings come from conceptions during the teachings and learning process between the Master and his students.

The teachings and learning should be synchronized. Both the Master and his students should be ready to open up their repertory's system to give and receive the multidimensional energies, the life forces that manifest their mind and body to the point of creating new conceptions.


The synthesis of mathematics and physics are possible by knowledge through the results of experiments and the recognition of intuition.They are determined and accepted by experiments.

Metaphysical synthesis comes from prior knowledge plus posteriori knowledge or the accumulation of empirical knowledge, which are internal experiences through the learning process of human mind and body. These syntheses are universal and accepted through the belief and recognition of personal and spiritual growth.

The synthesis of mathematics, natural science or physics change through man's innovation and invention by using matters, whilst metaphysical synthesis changes through conception, the creation of the life force or the vibration and manifestation of energies between man and the universe.

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