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February 22, 1993


In order to teach his student, the Master should integrate and interact with him to give him new thoughts, new ideas.

As a human being, a living organism, the student has to go through a new process of a self-organizing system to change accordingly to this interaction and integration.

This changes his lifestyle. This creates new circumstances in his daily life, and of course brings him to new environments.

These new circumstances and environments definitely affect his metabolism, which will give to him new feelings, new thoughts and deeds.

Each student has different changes according to the degree of capability of his internal flexibility and plasticity of his body-organism. In addition, each individual has different genes that also play an essential part in his body and mind, his entire life.

This integration and interaction between teacher and students also helps the Master to learn new things according to them, and his self-renewal and self-transcendence of his living organism (which is a self-organizing system), according to the evolution of men and cosmos.

This teaching-and-learning process adds to the Master's prior knowledge, empirical knowledge or posteriori knowledge so he can continue to live and to teach effectively in order to contribute to the peace of human life.

In order to contribute to the welfare of human beings he should lead his students in a right way. Then he has always to be very responsible with his teachings.

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