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February 15, 1993


To eat for surviving. To breathe air for surviving. These are only means to carry out the mission of salvation in life, from sentiments, the physical, and the material. Be patient on every aspect of living, and consider them in the same way.

Lower yourself down to the earth, suppress yourself and let other people suppress you,  abase yourself and sometimes abase even before the ignorant ones.

Know but like not knowing. Abandon the knowledge. Abandon lucidity and live in emptiness. Do not hold anything. Like thus, you can survive and realize what mission you have to realize.

You have already killed yourself many times; now, you continue to kill yourself until your mind has no attachment. Your eyes do not see, your ears do not hear the obstacles. As long as obstacles will remain, this means your heart still agitates, your ego, your self-importance is still there.

Live like a person who does not have any presence.


February 15, 1993

10:30 am

My body and soul ache too much

I only wish to vanish of this earthly existence

I shall come back to the seclusion after Valentine


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