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September 12, 1991


What shall I do?

What role shall I take?


Anything that I am thinking or doing at the present will be “my own self” in the future.

I am thinking about things that concern me. When I am concerned about taking care of my children, I will put my thinking into action to raise them to become good people. What I do for my children will be with them in the future. The success of my children will also include me in it.

When I care for my religion and my fellow believers, I will help them or promote them. Their future also involves me. They are I, and I am they. I care for the religion; thus, I am the religion. The success of the religion is also my success. Those who care for the religion will assemble, recognize each other, and reunite together to realize their common aspiration; which is to develop, to spread out, and to implement their religion.

Avid and false people will meet together; and sincere and true people will recognize each other as well.

Falseness will change, whilst truthfulness will not change. Falseness may fail or succeed but only temporarily, whilst truthfulness will eventually sustain lasting success.

Sincere followers of the religion, though do not have great capability, are still striving not to forfeit their responsibilities. They know what they need, think, and should do for sound development of the religion, as for the benefits of the society and the world.

Sincere followers of the religion know what roles they should fulfill in order to serve others. If the need is just for a humble position in the lower structure, they are ready to accomplish it. If the need is for a higher position in the higher structure, they are ready to accomplish it, even in the role of leadership.

Those with a clear mind and devoted faithfulness to their religion shall know that all the roles have their own contribution and of equal service, which is to make the organized apparatus function well and reach the aim of the common work.

Those who wish to offer their lives for their religion are not happy or proud, suffered or humiliated by their roles, but just aim at the ultimate goal, which is for the common benefit of the religion.

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